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Vote For Your Favourite Businesses

You can use Start Local to read public recommendations and vote for or against businesses where you've been a customer.

To deliver extra user interactivity and reward businesses which have great customer service and products, Start local has created a voting system.

How Does Voting Work and What is The Score?

The voting system allows users to vote to increase or decrease the score of each business on Start Local. The result of the positive vs negative votes received is displayed as the score of the business.

For example: if a business had received 20 positive votes and 3 negative ones then their score would be 17.

A business's score cannot go below zero.

What Does Voting Do?

If you have received great service or found a great product at a great price you can vote for a business on Start Local. Businesses with a higher total score receive a boost in relevancy for searches within Start Local, rewarding those businesses which have a higher customer satisfaction score with extra exposure and meaning that it becomes easier to find great businesses at Start Local.

Alternatively, if you have received poor service for a business, you can vote against it. This results in a businessís votes score dropping. Businesses with a lower votes score (the baseline is zero) do not receive a relevancy boost for searches within Start Local and so are seen by less people than those with good scores.

What is a Public Recommendation?

When you vote positively for a business you're also given the option of adding a public recommendation to tell other potential customers about the great experience you've had. This will be listed on the business's profile page.

Why Do So Many Businesses Have a Zero Score?

Keep in mind that all businesses start from zero so a score of zero may just reflect the fact that this business hasn't had anyone vote for it yet.

Do You Publish Negative Recommendations/Reviews?

No, to prevent defamation and insults being thrown without any recourse for the business owner, Start Local only shows public recommendations and user feedback where a positive vote has been made.

If you have had a problem with a business, you may vote against it in Start Local and this will negatively affect that business's score and their boost in the search relevancy.

Why Do I Have to Tell You About My Experience To Vote For a Business?

All votes on the Start Local system are manually approved by our internal team. We want to work to ensure that (with as much accuracy as we can) each vote is from a legitimate customer. This is why we ask you to tell us a little about your experience when making a positive or negative vote.

Does Start Local Ever Assign Scores Arbitrarly?

No. All the scores in the system come from our users.

What if I am a business owner and want a public recommendation removed from my profile? Will you remove it?

Absolutely. We only display public recommendations from people who have voted positively for your business however if you would prefer we remove a public recommendation then we certainly will, just contact us as the business owner. Please note that this will not affect your votes score however it will hide the recommendation in question.

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